Wolfgang Flür’s Birmingham (Imppu Remix)

In February a few days before my birthday I received an email from Herr Wolfgang Flür, asking if I would like to make a remix of his brand new track Birmingham, co-written and produced by Peter Duggal.

And what guest stars! Birmingham also features Claudia Brücken and Peter Hook. I grew up listening to New Order ever since seeing the Blue Monday -88 video on grainy VHS and after discovering Propaganda about a decade ago A Secret Wish instantly became one of my favourite albums. Being able to listen to Claudia’s vocals and Hooky’s trademark bass lines in my studio I felt the need to pinch myself every few minutes 😀

I wanted Hooky to step into the spotlight and give the track a New Order-y disco flavour, and also bring a bit of the pop sensibility of Duran Duran, who happen to be my favourite band out of Birmingham❤️

Be aware that the my remix is currently available ONLY on this limited cd, so better act and order now: